Elliot W. Stone, Esq. founded -. in 1983 in New York City. A malpractice attorney himself, Mr. Stone established a referral service based upon his first-hand knowledge of the challenges of trial preparation and courtroom performance. Without advertising he developed relationships with attorneys and experts at top-rated medical centers and grew -. into a company with more than 4,000 attorney clients.

In January 1999 -. merged with Dr. Steven E. Lerner & Associates, a multidisciplinary group of medical specialists with national offices, forming the premier referral service of our kind.

Steven E. Lerner, Ph.D. began providing national consultation services to poison control and drug information centers in 1974. This included case evaluation and expert testimony in the area of forensic toxicology. Having consulted or testified in hundreds of cases from Hawaii to North Carolina, Dr. Lerner developed the knowledge and understanding of the elements necessary to become an effective expert witness.

Subsequently he began recruiting health-care professionals from major medical schools that had both impressive clinical credentials and communicative skills. In 1981 Dr. Lerner initiated expert referrals in medical malpractice and other litigation--a service he has since provided exclusively for attorneys worldwide.

Through our combined resources we are uniquely capable of meeting your expert needs promptly and professionally. Cumulatively our experts have evaluated and provided testimony in more than 45,000 cases. Some of these are summarized in the Case Archive.

Our clients include prominent trial attorneys in every state and a number of foreign countries. Included are attorney comments regarding the quality of our services.

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