Deposition Services: Videoconferencing
Videoconferencing is simultaneous video and audio broadcast that permits all participants to view images and hear sounds at the same time. Users fully interact with colleagues or clients at remote locations as if they were in person.

A legal videoconference reduces attorneys' travel and related expenses by 50%-75%, saving them hours of travel time away from the office and enhancing their productivity. Moreover, a videoconference eliminates unpredictable and inconvenient flight delays or cancellations due to weather or other reasons.

To illustrate the benefits of legal videoconferencing, we created three scenarios that account for attorneys' last-minute scheduling. Click here for a Cost Comparison.

Schedule a videoconference for a deposition or for any other proceeding such as:

  • Preparation of an expert or lay witness before deposition or trial;
  • Testimony of clients who are catastrophically injured or have moved to a remote location;
  • Multi-party hearings for class-action or corporate litigation.

Additional Services

Useful adjunct services available for attorneys include:

  • Real-time transmission of court transcripts and exhibits to personal computers and laptops
  • Full-color document camera for exhibits
  • Videotaping
  • Evening and weekend scheduling
  • Catering

Technical Assistance

Prior to every videoconference, an on-site technician pre-tests the equipment to ensure the reliability of the transmission. A bridge, or Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), is standard for every multi-site (three or more sites) videoconference and available for superior integrity of point-to-point (two sites) sessions. Upon arrival users are introduced to the equipment, which requires little or no operation. Technical assistance throughout the videoconference is available either on-site or over the network.

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