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Family Practice, Pediatric Ophthalmology
Ref. # 28028

A Pennsylvania newborn was taken to a family practitioner for well child care from one week through five months of age. The mother observed that the infant had trouble focusing and her eyes rolled back and forth. She took her to an ophthalmologist, who diagnosed bilateral central cataracts and searching nystagmus. Bilateral lensectomies were performed. According to her attorney, the infant requires intensive therapy and will never develop good reading vision. A medQuest family practitioner reported that the attending family practitioner negligently failed to perform a basic assessment of the infant's vision. Standard of care requires examining an infant's eyes with an ophthalmoscope to look for congenital cataracts. A medQuest pediatric ophthalmologist reported the delay in diagnosis was negligent, leaving the child with functional vision of 20/400 (the big "E" on an eye chart).

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