Case Archive
Ref. # 26118

A 50 year old District of Columbia man was involved in an MVA at 9:30 AM. Police officers promptly arrested him for DWI, despite his complaints of loss of vision, dizziness and vertigo, and his statement that he had not been drinking. After two hours at the police station, an Intoxilyzer 5000 test was administered and showed 0% alcohol. He was transported to the hospital with symptoms of mild to moderate left hemiparesis. A head CT scan confirmed an admitting diagnosis of right frontal infarction. A medQuest neurologist reported that immediate transportation to the hospital would have preceded the onset of hemiparesis. The delay in transport increased the risk of harm.

Ref. # 39328

A Tennessee woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and treated with Solumedrol, 800 mg daily for two weeks. She subsequently developed avascular necrosis of both knees. A medQuest neurologist reported that the patient suffered from vague symptomology without objective abnormality, indicating a misdiagnosis of MS. It was negligent to treat the patient with Solumedrol, more so in light of the excessive dosage. The resulting complications were avoidable.

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