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OB/GYN, Psychiatry
Ref. # 63928

A New York bank employee left her job in the second month of pregnancy, claiming severe stress and anxiety. She consulted a psychiatrist once and a specialist in psychosomatic OB/GYN syndromes regularly for several months. She never returned to work; attorneys for the bank questioned her inability to do so. A medQuest OB/GYN reported the woman had one day of cramping but no bleeding. The pregnancy was normal, indicating no obstetrical reason why she could not work through the pregnancy or return shortly thereafter. A medQuest psychiatrist reported the woman could have safely taken antidepressants during her pregnancy but she refused. Her depression worsened during her pregnancy while she was out of work, indicating that it was not job-related. Furthermore, she should not have planned the pregnancy because she had been aware that she was prone to pregnancy-related depression.

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