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Ophthalmology, Retinal Surgery
Ref. # 50938

A 44 year old Michigan woman was diagnosed with posterior vitreous separation with lattice degeneration of the left eye. Two years later, she called the office of her ophthalmologist and told a staff member that a bubble was forming on the bottom edge of the eye. As it was late on a Friday afternoon, the staff member told her to come in Monday. On Saturday the woman experienced 50% vision loss in the eye and went to the ER, where she was told to see a retinal specialist on Monday. She did and a scleral buckling was performed. She now has 20/200 vision in the left eye. A medQuest retinal specialist reported a breach in the standard of care by the ER for failing to obtain an ophthalmological consult on Saturday. Had the woman been appropriately treated on Friday the outcome may have been different, but not if she had been treated on Saturday.

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