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Orthopedic Surgery, Neuroradiology
Ref. # 71658

An obese Ohio woman suffered a knee injury as a result of a fall in early 1992. An MRI revealed a posterior horn, medial meniscus tear, which was repaired. In late 1992 the woman fractured an ankle as a result of another fall. After surgery she developed post-operative complications including pulmonary embolism. In 1993 the woman reported knee pain; the treating orthopedic surgeon reported that a rupture of the central portion of the quadriceps mechanism, caused by the early 1992 fall, was missed. This treating physician would not, however, perform surgery due to the woman's recent history of post-operative complications. The attorney claims that if the rupture had been diagnosed and treated in 1992 the woman would not experience recurring knee pain. A medQuest orthopedic surgeon and a medQuest neuroradiologist independently found that the rupture was easily detectable in 1992 and should have been repaired at that time.

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