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Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology
Ref. # 90028

A 30 year old Florida man underwent a fusion at L4-5 with fixation and Simmons Plate hardware. Eight months later the patient was examined due to pain resulting from the hardware. Three weeks later pre-op chest X-rays showed a 1.5 cm nodule in the right upper lobe. The radiologist reported this to the orthopedist and recommended follow-up testing and comparison with prior X-rays. The hardware was removed. One month later the patient complained of persistent right side midthoracic pain radiating into the scapular area. Chest X-rays and CT scan showed a 3 cm mass, documented as right scapular lesion adenocarcinoma. A medQuest orthopedic surgeon reported the attending orthopedist noted the existence of the nodule and negligently failed to perform appropriate testing or obtain a referral. A medQuest radiologist reported the attending radiologist negligently failed to monitor the patient's testing and treatment.

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