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Orthopedic Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Ref. # 96328

A 47 year old New York woman was admitted to the hospital by her treating orthopedist for severe lower back and leg pain. The patient's left leg was cold and discolored. She was placed in traction and experienced numbness and tingling in both legs. Thirteen days later, pulses in both legs disappeared. A vascular surgeon diagnosed probable blocked abdominal aorta, which an MRA confirmed three days later. The patient was taken to the OR for bypass surgery, which was unsuccessful, as was a subsequent second surgery. The patient underwent bilateral leg amputation. Additional surgeries were performed to remove bones that had protruded from the stumps. A medQuest orthopedist opined the treating orthopedist negligently delayed in referring the patient for vascular evaluation. A medQuest vascular surgeon opined the attending vascular surgeon negligently delayed in performing the bypass. Both experts independently noted incomplete records during the patient's hospitalization. With timely diagnosis and treatment, the patient's legs would have been saved.

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