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Pediatric Nephrology
Ref. # 02518

A Texas infant was under the care of a pediatrician from 5 to 16 months of age. During this period she suffered from middle ear infections, upper respiratory infections and fever. She went from the 50th to the 5th percentile in both height and weight. At 19 months she was taken to a second pediatrician, who noted the abnormal growth parameters, as well as lack of sleep, decreased appetite and fever. Urinalysis conducted after the child was three years old was significantly abnormal--3+ proteinuria. At six years and ten months, the child was referred to a pediatric nephrologist for evaluation of severe anemia, elevated sedimentation rate, and advanced kidney failure. She underwent pyeloplasties to correct bilateral uretero-pelvic junction obstruction. A medQuest pediatric nephrologist opined that both the first and second pediatrician negligently failed to secure urine studies, serum chemistries, or other testing in a timely fashion. Each negligently failed to refer the child to a subspecialist in a timely fashion. With timely diagnosis and surgical repair, the child's kidney's would have been saved.

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