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Plastic Surgery
Ref. # 13938

A 50 year old New Jersey woman underwent a radical mastectomy, during which a tissue expander was inserted for future reconstruction. Nine months later, after chemotherapy, a saline implant was inserted and the tissue expander was supposedly removed in full. Infections developed; the woman underwent two incision-and-drainages. The implant was removed two months later, however infections and drainage persisted. A CT 18 months later revealed foreign bodies in the breast area, requiring surgery to remove a port, five inches of tubing, and a metal connector--all remaining from the tissue expander. A medQuest plastic surgeon reported that it was below the standard of care to have failed to remove the foreign bodies initially.

Plastic Surgery
Ref. # 44338

A 37 year old Missouri man suffering from brow droop underwent a double rhytidectomy (eyebrow lift). His attorneys questioned the post-op scarring, possibly caused by antiquated surgical technique. A medQuest plastic surgeon reported the scarring was indeed excessive and would have been prevented if the incisions had been made in the scalp, as the patient had a full head of hair.

Plastic Surgery
Ref. # 71418

A Maryland woman underwent a bilateral reduction mammoplasty, excision of abdominal panniculus, and tubal ligation in one three-hour surgical session. The patient developed: excessive hypertrophic breast scarring; necrosis and distortion of the left nipple, half of which was absent; and multiple scarring of the abdomen, with large lateral bulges. A medQuest plastic surgeon opined the procedures, which should have required five hours or more, were performed negligently. There was a failure to examine the patient for 24 hours post-op, during which the patient lost 1200cc of blood--an extraordinary amount. The patient's subsequent complications were preventable.

Plastic Surgery
Ref. # 33008

A Florida woman consulted her plastic surgeon for breast reduction and liposuction of the abdomen. During the bilateral reduction mammaplasty 825 grams was removed from the left breast and 625 grams from the right. Three months later the plastic surgeon noted the right breast was essentially one and a half times larger and hanging one inch lower than the left. A medQuest plastic surgeon reported the pre-op photos demonstrated symmetry in the breasts. The amount of breast tissue removed should have been fairly equal in both sides. The significant discrepancy constituted a deviation from accepted practice and caused the asymmetry.

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