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Radiology, Mammography
Ref. # 79638

A Louisiana woman underwent mammographies in 1991 and 1992 and two more in 1993. She ultimately required a bilateral mastectomy. A medQuest radiologist specializing in mammography reported negligence in the failure to diagnose obvious breast cancer--entire lateral half of the breast--in 1991. It was missed again in 1992 and the first time in 1993.

Radiology, Mammography
Ref. # 79497

A 55 year old Texas woman had a bilateral low dose mammogram, which was reported as abnormal: a 2 cm irregular soft-tissue mass on the left UOQ with microcalcifications was visible. The radiology report recommended a biopsy. The patient's surgeon declined to order a biopsy and instead ordered a repeat mammogram, which was performed three months later. The same radiologist reported it to be normal and recommended annual repeat mammograms. These were performed over the next three years. Five years from the initial consult, the same radiologist reported the film was suspicious for a malignancy and biopsy was strongly recommended. A surgeon ordered a sonogram, which showed a solid lesion consistent with infiltrating carcinoma of the left breast. A biopsy confirmed the cancer and the patient underwent a radical mastectomy. A medQuest radiologist specializing in mammography reported there was negligent follow-up after the initial mammogram was read as abnormal. When the woman's radiologist learned a biopsy was not done, he should have recommended follow-up mammograms with additional views or ultrasound. The mass should have been detected and confirmed at that time.

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