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Registered Nurse (ER), OB/GYN
Ref. # 18158

A pregnant New Mexico woman with a previous miscarriage was seen in the ER and diagnosed with incompetent cervix. The ER physician advised the woman's family practitioner to refer her to a high-risk OB/GYN, but he did not. Ten days later the woman presented again to the ER, where a nurse administered 75 mg of Demerol and 50 mg of Phenergan. Shortly thereafter, the woman gave birth to a non-viable 21-week gestation infant. A medQuest ER nurse reported the attending nurse negligently failed to question the order liability and administered too much medication, as the patient was 100 pounds and 5'1". A medQuest OB/GYN reported that the patient should not have been discharged after the first ER visit, and Demerol and Phenergan should not have been administered during the second visit. There was a greater than 75% chance that the fetus would have survived with appropriate, timely care.

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