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Ref. # 20148

A Kentucky man underwent kidney stone removal, during which the guide wire was displaced from the ureter, resulting in areas of perforation within the ureter. After unsuccessful attempts at replacing the guide wire, the patient was transferred to a teaching hospital, where he was treated for an iatrogenic left uretal transection. A medQuest urologist reported that the standard of care dictated treatment with lithotripsy; the initial surgery was unnecessary and did in fact result in the perforation. The second surgery was entirely avoidable.

Ref. # 16828

A Michigan woman sought treatment from a urologist for lower abdominal pain and a frequent, urgent need to urinate. For eight years she was treated for interstitial cystitis. A tissue block biopsy was interpreted as benign. Treatment continued for three more years, when the woman went to a major medical center, where she was diagnosed with Invasive Grade 3 Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the bladder. She subsequently underwent a radical cystectomy, bilateral pelvic lymph node dissection, and ileal conduit urinary diversion surgery. A medQuest urologist reported the pathology report for the biopsy was negligently misinterpreted. There was no basis for the diagnosis of interstitial cystitis. With timely diagnosis and treatment, the woman's bladder would likely have been saved.

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