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Ref. # 18818

After consulting his medical doctor, a 34 year old Michigan man presented to a chiropractor with continuing neck pain. A full set of X-rays indicated the patient's neck required more curvature. After manipulation of the head and neck, the patient lost consciousness. He was subsequently assisted to the door, where he was held in a vertical position for approximately 20 minutes, after which he was permitted to drive home. Later that day the patient experienced dizziness, which was communicated to the chiropractor, who suggested he consult his medical doctor again. Eight days later the patient lost consciousness and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with right vertebral artery dissection and basilar thrombus. He remained hospitalized for three months, requiring various therapies and rehabilitation. A medQuest chiropractor opined that the head and neck adjustment caused the artery dissection and thrombus. There was negligent care after the adjustment, when the patient should have been immediately admitted to the hospital for evaluation. With timely diagnosis and treatment the patient's complications would have been minimized.

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