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Lithium Toxicity Leads to Kidney Failure
$2.25 Million Alaska Settlement

A middle-aged woman diagnosed with a schizoid disorder was prescribed Lithium as a mood stabilizer. The American Psychiatric Association and the drug manufacturer recommend regularly scheduled blood tests to measure Creatin levels and keep the blood within a therapeutic range. The defendant, a community mental health center doctor, prescribed Lithium for 13 months without such testing. The plaintiff developed kidney failure as a result of an elevated Lithium blood level. A medQuest nephrologist testified to the causal connection between the Lithium toxicity and the kidney failure. The case was settled out of court for $2.25 million.

Attorneys for the Plaintiff:
Michael Flanigan, Esq.
Walther & Flanigan
Anchorage, AK

Christian Bataille, Esq.
Fairbanks, AK

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