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Cardiac Damage & Death From Ingestion of Pondimin
Confidential Missouri Settlement

A 38 year-old woman who had gained 20-lb. was given Pondimin to assist with weight loss. Approximately four months after the first ingestion of the drug she developed chest discomfort, shortness of breath and hypotension. She was diagnosed with mitral and aortic valve insufficiency and underwent surgical replacement of both valves. Following the surgery she was unfit to be weaned from the heart/lung machine. She was placed on ECMO and listed for a heart transplant. Her condition continued to deteriorate and, prior to a time that a transplant could be performed, she died. A medQuest cardiologist and a medQuest pathologist testified at deposition that the decedent's initial valvular heart problems and ultimate death were causally related to the ingestion of Pondimin. Following the completion of the discovery depositions of the plaintiff's experts, settlement negotiations commenced and the case was settled for a substantial sum.

Attorneys for the Plaintiff:
Mary K. Munroe, Esq. and James P. Leonard, Esq.
McSweeney, Slater & Merz
St. Louis, MO

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